"It's over because of me" - That's why King Linda broke up with her ex after 10 years

“It’s over because of me” – That’s why King Linda broke up with her ex after 10 years

King Linda It has been unique for four years. For the first time in a long time, he told me about his breakup and even revealed his opinion on the relationship.

39-year-old singer, King Linda, gave an interview to better magazine and honestly tell me that How he suffered from his recent breakup.

“Zsombi was one of the important players in my life, we’ve been together for 10 years, it really ended because of me. I don’t like the word sickness, but I was at the deepest point of my state at the time, and I felt like I couldn’t give it to him. I also felt that if It hasn’t changed drastically, I won’t recover. It was a very difficult decision but we talked and broke up and thank God we remained friends.” The American-born singer said Best.

As King Linda commented on it What do you think of today’s relationships?

“I see some people living in a relationship because they want to fill in some space. I think it’s very important in a relationship for two complete people to meet each other, so I don’t want to live in a relationship as long as I feel like I’m in a situation that I want to expect, get it from the other, what I should really make it for myself.” Linda told me.

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