It's official: this is when the Google Pixel 7 mobile phones and the Pixel Watch smartwatch will debut

It’s official: this is when the Google Pixel 7 mobile phones and the Pixel Watch smartwatch will debut

Google previously showed us the Pixel 7 phones and the Pixel Watch smartwatch, the arrival of which has been rumored for years. At the May developer conference, where hardware design was presented to the big name, there was no mention of hardware features at all, but thankfully, we don’t have to wait long for the search giant’s products to be fully introduced. . Google finally revealed the official date for the premiere.

Introducing the Google Pixel 7 series and the Google Pixel Watch smart watch It will be October 6. It was revealed in a Twitter post that the same company posted on one of its profiles. If you would like to receive updated information about the event, then By clicking this link You can subscribe to notifications.

Regardless of the day smartphones were introduced, the chipset that is being presented inside is named, which in the end will not be called Tensor 2, as everyone thought until now. Under the hood of the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models has been found G2 . Tensioner An iron labeled “G” may refer to Google itself.

Last but not least, the shades that the phones will be available in have also been revealed. Google Pixel 7 phone obsidianAnd the the snow And the lemongrass It will be available in two colours, and a Pro version hazelnut It will also be available in colours obsidian and the the snow next to.

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It’s not hard to tell that the fancy names refer to the colors black, white, and green. Once again: Google Pixel 7 mobile phones and the search giant’s first smartwatch will arrive on October 6. If you’re curious about what smartphone insiders are talking about so far, feel free to click it on this link!

source: GSMArena

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