It’s official: the successor to the PSP / PS Vita, Sony’s new portable console, is already in the works

Many have been waiting for the resurrection of the PSP, but Project Q will disappoint many.

It pretty much looks like the famous Insider Gaming insider Tom Henderson was right again. After the insanely successful PSP and PS Vita, Sony is already working on another portable console, which was officially unveiled as part of the PlayStation Showcase on May 24th.

The new gadget is exactly what Henderson described it as: It wouldn’t be a fully standalone portable console like the Nintendo Switch Lite, or perhaps the Steam Deck or ROG Ally, but rather a PS5 accessory that required a stable internet connection. The fist machine presented as Project Q, which has no name, is useless in and of itself.

In order to be able to play it we will need a PS5. The new device will only be able to play games in this way, via Remote Play, so we won’t be able to download almost anything to the internal storage, except for basic multimedia applications (but that’s also not certain). However, it is possible that the revamped PS Plus service will also support game streaming, i.e. PS5 can be purchased with a subscription, but nothing is known about this yet.

By the way, all this is far from the intended appearance: the “PSP successor” lacks any kind of creativity and looks exactly like a tablet inserted between a DualSense device cut in half. The screen isn’t small, at 8 inches, but it’s only capable of 1080p HD, while the controller part has all of the DualSense’s functionality — especially haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

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So far, that’s all that Jim Ryan, Head of PlayStation, has revealed about the Hulk at the PS Showcase event, but if we’re to believe his promise, we’ll know more about him soon.

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