It's now easier than ever to kick your ex from your Netflix account

It’s now easier than ever to kick your ex from your Netflix account

A new function has been added to the interface of Netflix, with which you can monitor and manage devices using your account, to put it more simply, you can disable your previous TV, so that it does not have a good time. On your account.

Surface Account settings The new feature appeared under the menu item Access and device management Where you can see the devices on which your subscription is active. The list displays the IP address of the most recently used devices, as well as the exact time of the last login, with the help of which information you can easily decide whether to find out your precious Netflix subscription on the selected device.

If you decide that one of the TVs on the list is no longer worth earning against your account, you can choose to sign out of the device, but before doing so, Netflix will recommend that you change your password so that the user of the TV won’t be able to use it again. to log in.

The feature debuted worldwide on the web, iOS and Android devices on November 15th. While you may think that all of this is just for your convenience, that’s not entirely the case. For some time now, Netflix has been working to reduce password sharing, i.e. the fact that many people use the same subscription to access their content.

At the same time, they are already testing a solution that if the password is shared, the subscriber has to pay extra. This solution, if successful, could be offered by the broadcast provider next year.

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