It's not worth using a store-bought power adapter with the new GeForces

It’s not worth using a store-bought power adapter with the new GeForces

If someone has “used up” the connector they received in the package, they can try to order a replacement through product support from the specified manufacturer.

We recently wrote about how powerful it is The new GeForces power adapter supports a limited number of connections, which specifically means 30 connections and outages. Regarding the case, we had the question of what happens if someone “uses their options”, because in this case a new power adapter must be purchased on paper. Theoretically, this can be done with the option of buying in the store, but manufacturers do not really recommend this, because unlike a packaged solution, the quality may not be good enough.

We’ve found that they’ve been tested for their intended purpose on the power adapter that comes with GeForces, and are structured so that they can withstand the large current running through them. However, this may not be the case for the in-store purchase option. However, if the power adapter itself is not of sufficient quality, it may not be able to withstand start-up, let alone some connections.

It is the general manufacturer’s recommendations that it is worthwhile to carefully connect the adapter to the devices, since in this case the likelihood of loosening the connected wires is reduced, which increases the service life. If someone has exhausted their options on paper, you can try to request a replacement from the product support department of the specific manufacturer, but there is no guarantee that they will be approved. The best solution in this case is to switch to an ATX 3.0 power supply with a suitable connector.

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