It's not hard to find the sound with me either

It’s not hard to find the sound with me either

On May 30, the evening of the TV2 charity concert, I sing, will appear on screen again. This time, the large-scale musical show will bring together the coronavirus orphans, and the biggest local stars will entertain viewers. One of the evening’s hosts will be Andrea Varconi, who first told me about coming back.

TV2’s charity program I Sing to You will be broadcast on Sunday evening, when viewers can watch Andrea Várkonyi again.

It’s very normal to always come here, since I started here in 2001, so I’ve worked here for almost twenty years, Again, it was as if even after omission to come here as before, every day. The other, and it feels very good, is that I go into the studio and behind every camera, in every room, in the console, everywhere there are people I’ve known for a long time and who I’ve worked with for years,” he told TV2.

He also said that they’ve always been on good terms with András Stohl, who they hosted the show with, and although they haven’t worked together yet, it definitely wouldn’t be a problem working together. It is believed that they easily found a common sound with each other, their style is also suitable, and their main habits are similar.

The singers are Andrea Varconi and Andras StollSource: TV2

Andrea Várkonyi also spoke about the fact that those who know her face are key to championing good things, people care about them more, and they can deliver messages better. I always have charity in my life, Not only is there a specific target group I help out with, but with some kind of love service in women’s shelters, but it was also like I got a job for a homeless person and she saved me from taking to the streets, there’s always it,” he said.

Regarding production, at the request of the channel, the top stars said yes,

Several exhibitors may see and hear multiple performances prepared specifically for this TV show.

Last year, during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, viewers were the first to watch the charity show I Sing to You on TV2. At that time, a donation of HUF 35 million was collected for those working on the front line of the coronavirus. Since the outbreak, TV2 Group has deemed it important to draw attention to the importance of working together in these trying times.

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