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It's no surprise that Stellar Blade won't launch until next year

It's no surprise that Stellar Blade won't launch until next year
  • It will arrive in 2024 Star blade
  • Korean Action and adventure game Shift Up
  • Which is the original Eve Project He introduced himself as
  • Unfortunately, an exact release date has not been announced

In September of this year, we received some new information from the original Eve Project He introduced himself as Star bladeOn the go, but we last saw (at least in terms of trailers) the Korean action-adventure game Shift Up (and also its first console title) in the context of the 2022 State of Play, so it's safe to guess that the previous game's promised 2023 release won't exist nor will there is something. So, two days before the end of the year, it's perhaps not surprising that hack n' slash has officially been postponed to 2024, as it was revealed on the PlayStation website that the program will only run next year.

Since the game is almost at the end of the entry listing the biggest (announced) titles of 2024, we likely can't expect it to debut until Q2 at the earliest, which isn't too surprising given the fact – at least based on the images What we've seen so far – we're faced with a very ambitious title. the Star blade During which we have to fight the battle against the aliens attacking Earth by hiding in the skin of the heroine named Eve, while the survivors escape to a space colony – although the basic concept itself is not very original, the implementation is actually very good and promising, especially on the level of… Combat system and cinematic scenes. According to the description, the story itself will be presented in a mature way, directed to adults, so let us trust that the work will remain immortal in the memory not only because of the clashes.

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