It's never been like this before - there's an electric car in the top ten!

It’s never been like this before – there’s an electric car in the top ten!

One would think that the stats time for 2021 is over by March at the latest, but There are data sets whose collection is so complex that it can take up to half a year to work. Thus, it is already understandable why the 2021 global car sales chart has been completed.

There was one in it right away real feeling he is.

Among the most popular

The He took the ungrateful task of collecting 106 car markets around the world (state, region) sales data, which they estimated to represent 99.32% of the planet’s auto sales. In the top menu is now published 110 cars included. For a complete list and list of countries It can be viewed here.

Which makes it really interesting for us to list that The top 20 also includes three electric cars, one of which is also a top 10 seller This is an unprecedented success in the history of electric vehicle sales.

Looking at the top of the list for a moment, the popularity of the SUV format shows that The long-running Toyota Corolla was primarily replaced by the Toyota RAV4 – Perhaps the Japanese manufacturer was not upset, as four of the top ten cars belong to them as well as the Honda logo. Next to them is a Japanese model from Nissan and of course the Ford F-150. The real feeling, though, is that

From 21st place in 2020, after a 40% increase in sales, it finished ninth in 2021 with the Tesla Model 3, with 508,000 vehicles sold.

According to the list’s authors, The genre could finish fifth this yearHowever, it won’t be overcast with joy since then It will be preceded by another electric car. They won’t fall in love with their Tesla swords either, because

Starting at 262nd in 2020, last year’s 19th-placed Tesla Model Y may be the culprit, with the type ahead of its sedan sibling by the end of the year, so it could end up in the top four.

By the way, there is another electric car among the top 20, which is 20th placewhich is nothing more than a small Chinese car, the Wuling Hongguang Mini EVOf which 391 thousand sold in their home country.

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In the end it turns out However, Elon Musk’s predictions weren’t completely crazy, according to which the Y model could take the top spot on the world chart within a few years. By the end of July, Giga Shanghai’s annual production capacity will be around 700,000 units of the model, and the model will also be produced at three sites in Fremont, Austin and Berlin. In 2023, a Tesla SUV could easily cross the million mark if Musks is well designed to expand production capacity.

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