It's never been hot in June in North America

It’s never been hot in June in North America

According to data from the European Union’s Copernicus Earth Observation Program, it has not been hot in June in North America since the start of regular measurements.

Europe is the second, and fourth hottest country in the world on record this year.

The BBC’s news portal wrote that the Copernicus program uses computer analyzes of billions of measurements from satellites, aircraft and weather stations to determine global temperatures.

“We are slowly getting used to the fact that these days there are places in the world where a record temperature is taken every year. The meteorologist said he was not shocked by the fact that there are more heat waves, but by the fact that temperature records are tilted with such large differences . Peter ScottProfessor at the United Kingdom Meteorological Service.

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In Canada and many cities in the northwestern United States, this year’s values ​​rose by as much as 5°C above previous peaks.

During last year’s heat wave in Siberia, some record values ​​rose by more than five degrees between January and June. A study by the British Met Office found that temperatures in the Russian region would have been nearly impossible to achieve without man-made climate change. The research predicts the results that can be expected from North American heat wave studies.

Preliminary calculations indicate that the probability of temperature values ​​in Canada would be very low without climate change.

“This suggests that changes in average temperature lead to a rapid escalation of not only extreme temperatures but also very high temperatures,” the professor added.

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Friderika OttoThe world is not taking in heat waves often enough, says the researcher at Oxford University’s Institute for Environmental Change. Storms and floods inflict severe damage, dramatic before and after pictures can be taken of them. However, no traces of devastation appear after heat waves.

“It is rare for people to fall dead in the streets, rather than to die quietly in their poorly insulated and uncooled homes,” added Otto, who

He described the heat wave as a silent killer.

Often, the number of casualties is revealed only months after heat waves, when the excess mortality rate is statistically proven.

Even if we succeed in drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the world will still experience more frequent and intense heat waves than it does at present. According to Otto, in addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, it is necessary to spend on measures to withstand the expected heat in the future.

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