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It’s good that we’re getting better here

It’s good that we’re getting better here


Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 12:25 pm


Finally, McLaren did not have a memorable weekend, and the Beekeeper is especially pleased that the team is beginning to find themselves in front of a local crowd. It does involve shrugging the shoulders, but not too much.

After a great start to 2021 and a win in Italy, McLaren lost a bit by the end of the season and lost Ferrari’s battle for third place in the constructors. Then as the Reds raced to the edge of the pitch, the Wokingians started the season poorly; Getting into the top ten was also struggling, and their results in the race were a long way from what they were used to last year.

But in Australia they are already starting to remind themselves of 2021, with Lando Norris finishing fourth in the time test after the first two weekends of his race. But Daniel Ricciardo couldn’t complain either, eventually finishing one spot for his starting position, finishing sixth in his home Grand Prix. “This is probably the best way to sum up the weekend,” he commented shortly after withdrawing.

Of course, it was he who never believed that McLaren should be buried. I also positively left Bahrain because I knew we would be able to translate. Let’s just say I didn’t think it would last so quickly, but I’ll come to terms with it. This weekend was much smoother for us and showed a lot of our real performance,” continued Ricciardo, who was not entirely happy with his race and thought it should be more balanced. “I was more competitive in some stages of the race, at first I felt strong in the mix Medium, for example. But then I fell back on the hard stuff.”

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However, he is more than happy with the team’s success. “Looking at the last few races, it’s a huge achievement. It’s true that we got more optimistic after the first two races. I know the results were really bad and we didn’t fully understand the car, but I knew we were going to find something. I didn’t think I’d make it to the third race, but I’m happy It’s happening here in my house.”

Three years later, Ricciardo was able to compete again in his homeland, where the interest in the Grand Prix was amazing, and it became the most visited sporting event in the history of Australia. As the happiest of hearts beekeepers. “That’s crazy. When I got out of the car, they erupted in really loud cheers, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s all because of sixth place.’ I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I won or I was on the podium. I should have kept the earplugs inside. “I’m glad so many attended, and I think they had a good weekend,” said the Australian, who complained before the race that his jaw was sore from the many smiles.

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