It’s good that every motorist can check this on their car

The average age of the domestic car fleet has already increased to more than 15 years, and given the current economic conditions, this situation is only going to get worse. With cars of this age, the brand almost does not matter, there are problems arising from high mileage and age to pay attention to.

In many models, the appearance of oil consumption is already common at this time, and the engine also consumes some lubricant in addition to gasoline, and due to the factory replacement interval of 20-30,000 km, a critical amount of engine oil can disappear even without noticeable malfunctions.

There is no smoke and no error codes, which is exactly why we take the trouble to check the oil level regularly, as well as encourage our fellow drivers to do so, for whom it is important to check the various fluids circulating in the engine.

In addition to the constantly decreasing oil level, fuel consumption may increase, and contaminants (dust, wear particles, combustion products) in the lubrication system become so enriched that severe wear may appear on engine components. Thus, the service life of engines with low oil levels can be reduced on a regular basis, without the driver realizing it. However, in case of significant weight loss, engine lubrication may deteriorate or stop, parts may fail and the engine may become beyond repair, so it is very important to pay attention to this.

So it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes checking every 2-3000 km. When the engine is cold, pull out the dipstick, wipe it off, insert it back in, then pull it out again, and you’ll see how much oil is in the engine on the marks at the end.

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The dipstick (oil dipstick) in the engine compartment is usually marked with a clearly visible color, yellow or red. It can be retracted in one motion, no twisting required, no tools needed. The marks at the end clearly show the oil level, between the two values ​​the amount of lubricant can be considered normal.

It would be nice if every motorist could check this on their car 3

The dipstick is easy for everyone to find, and features a striking color on modern cars (Photo: Getty Images)

If the value is below the minimum level, then the task is clear, choose the quality and type of lubricant specified in the manual and technical description of the car and fill in the missing amount. This amount may vary depending on the size and design of the engine, it is a good idea to check how much has been put into the engine while refilling, as dangerous overcharging can be dangerous.

This is a very extreme case, but it cannot be ruled out, if the oil level is much higher than the maximum, it can block the engine crankcase gas ventilation. This can damage the catalyst, as well as cause a lot of smoke, and malfunction and damage the seals.

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