It's easier to find Netflix Hidden Categories

It’s easier to find Netflix Hidden Categories

We don’t have to worry about the numbers, the code capture period is over, because with the help of one of the browser plugins, all the hidden content for Netflix is ​​already in front of us with a few clicks.

There can be no doubt that the local Netflix release is a joyful celebration for the filmmakers, although the content is not as complete as it is abroad due to regional nonsense, such as Good Friends, X-Files and Dr. Who is also unavailable. From the local show. Moreover, the hidden category system also encourages users to do some finger exercises, but we’ve discussed that a lot in this article, so we’ll only quote it as a brief reminder:

“If we look at the URLs for each category in the address bar on Netflix running in a browser, we can see a number at the end of the web address. Each number denotes a category or subcategory. A detailed list of these icons has been published recently on attractive websites, and it can also be noted. The Netflix category system is more detailed than we can discover using the traditional interface. “ The point is, there is one Huge list With the numbers you manually type at the end of the URL, the previously hidden categories and content will open immediately.

We’re happy to report that Manual Clown has expired, thanks to a Chrome extension called Super Browse, which basically allows you to browse hidden content, making it much easier (as you can see in the image above). Are you a Firefox believer and have chills from Chrome? No problem, the plugin is also available for Firefly, although it is only in beta, but hopefully, it still works stably.

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As you can see in the image, this solution makes browsing much easier, and while we can find that some numbers no longer match the punching method because the category system has changed in the meantime, it is expected that super browsing will continue. With changes. The extension is Chrome Web StoreFrom or Firefox add-on It can be downloaded from. Enjoy!

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