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‘It’s complete nonsense’ – scientists appalled by ‘extraterrestrial objects’ presented in Mexico

‘It’s complete nonsense’ – scientists appalled by ‘extraterrestrial objects’ presented in Mexico

A journalist and a military doctor claim to have found “alien” bodies, but experts say they are merely manipulated human remains.

According to scientists, there is no doubt that the bodies that ufologists are presenting before the Mexican Congress these days are from extraterrestrial beings, but they are merely manipulated human remains, writes the scientist. Live sciences.

In recent days, news has spread that Jaime Mosan Mexican journalist and ophthalmologist Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez On September 12, a military doctor presented two findings he called “foreign bodies” to the Mexican Congress. Measuring less than 1 meter long, they are thin and have disproportionately large heads.

Mosan and Benitez claimed that DNA tests showed that the remains of these three-toed creatures were not of human origin and that eggs used for reproduction were found in their stomachs. According to the duo, the bodies come from Peru, are radiocarbon-dated and date back 1,000 years.

Musan wrote in an email to Live Science that these bodies were actually reported in 2017 and 2018, and at the time scientists believed these bodies were composed of manipulated human body parts. But according to Mosan, numerous tests since then have shown that the bodies are not human. “We never said that these objects were necessarily extraterrestrial, we only said that they were not human.” said the Mexican ophthalmologist. He added that evidence of implants made of osmium and cadmium elements was found in the bodies, and this technology was not known 1,000 years ago.

“It’s all complete nonsense” – This was his reaction to Mosanek’s allegations Rafael Boudjelil Parra, He is Director of Life Sciences Research at the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAD) in Mexico City. Boughelil Barra said that no DNA tests had been conducted on the two bodies in question at UAD. They underwent so-called carbon-14 testing in 2017, but the university is contractually obligated not to release the results to the public.

David Anderson Anthropologist says carbon-14 dating would be useless if the bodies were aliens. “Radiocarbon dating relies on carbon-14 atoms that are created when solar radiation hits Earth’s upper atmosphere. For radiocarbon dating of aliens, we would need to know the rate of carbon-14 production on their home planet.” Anderson said.

“Sad to see the debunked claims of Jamie Mossan back on the internet.” – Tell andrew nelson, Live Science is Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Western University in Ontario. he added:

The bodies have previously been “unmasked” based on autopsies, and studies show that they are human mummies that were deliberately manipulated to appear alien. For example, it is possible that “alien” legs were created by mutilating the legs of a human mummy.

Nelson also disputes that while Mosan claims to have CT, C-14 and DNA evidence, he has not made it available to experts in the scientific community. It also raises questions about how they left the country and ended up in Mexico, if these remains were indeed 1,000 years old and came from Peru, as that could have serious legal consequences.

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