It’s cold in Texas, where millions were left without electricity, and animals in the reserve were frozen to death

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You forget currently below 20 ° C, although in the southern United States the temperature is usually around 10 ° C at this time. Snowfall and freezing winds also caused snow to fall to South America, which struck almost everyone unprepared, because such weather is unusual in these areas of the United States.

Pedestrians on snowy roads in East Austin, Texas, on February 15thPhoto: Montenique Monroe / AFP

Authorities reported that millions in Texas were left without electricity due to blackouts, as the unusual weather affected more than 150 million Americans, with snow currently covering 73 percent of the United States. So far, 21 people have died in the storms. Due to the cold and power outages, monkeys and birds froze to death in the Texas Primate Reserve.

The ice storm has already reached northern and central Mexico, with power cut in many places for a second day.

US President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Texas. The roads are icy in many places, so people are asked not to travel anywhere if possible. Nearly 120 road accidents were reported in Houston in a single day on Sunday. In Louisiana, a curfew has been imposed to keep people off icy roads.

(BBC/guardian/ MTI)

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