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It's becoming more and more certain that one of Xbox's best games will also appear on PS5

It's becoming more and more certain that one of Xbox's best games will also appear on PS5

There are more and more signs that one of, if not the best, Xbox console exclusive of 2023 could soon be arriving on PS5.

Daniel Boddy

01.26.2024 – I'm well aware that a bunch of Sony fans are going to scoff at my statement, but the fact of the matter is that 2023 was a much better year for Xbox owners than it was for PS5 gamers. And not just because Game Pass is making the rounds at any level of PS Plus, but because Microsoft has delighted its fans with several excellent exclusives – all of which were immediately included in the GP catalog.

One such masterpiece was Hi-Fi Rush, which was announced completely unexpectedly, precisely out of nowhere, and then promptly released at the beginning of '23, which supposedly completely escaped the attention of the wider public due to its increased sales. Xbox series. It's truly a wonderful creation, and, by the way, the love project of Tango Gameworks, which previously released The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo. So, Hi-Fi Rush is a very strange creation, a comic book story of horror game developers, colorful and fragrant, intertwined with interesting and funny music, where several genres come together: platformers, hack'n slash, skill and rhythm games. This may seem strange at first, but believe me, it's really a great experience blasting robots and corporate managers with Chai and his rather incompetent friends.

PS5 version on the way?

Although Hi-Fi Rush became one of the best games of 2023 in vain, it received so little attention (especially alongside highly-advertised games like Spider-Man 2 and Baldur's Gate 3) that by the end of the year it had disappeared Completely out of crowd matches. This may also be the reason why Microsoft will soon decide to expand the target audience a bit by launching it on PS5, but at least it won't cause any harm, in fact, if it performs well there, there could be a highly desirable sequel prepared for it.

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But this is just an assumption, and is based not only on the failure of Hi-Hi Rush, but also on the rumors surrounding Microsoft and the latest game. To update We can rule. But first: Internal information began circulating from the Xbox manufacturer recently, stating that they are seriously considering cross-platforming their previously exclusive Xbox and PC offering, i.e. launching it on all compatible platforms – including the Nintendo Switch and with the PS5.

The update story is quite clear: Hi-Fi Rush celebrates its first year of release, and a series of fixes and a lot of additions have been added to the PC version (as well). Among these There's full DualShock and DualSense support, which means not only selectable PS controller icons, but also haptic functions like adaptive triggers. This is important because Hi-Fi Rush becomes the first game to not only work with the PS5 controller, but it also has renamed button mapping.

Of course, this doesn't automatically mean that Hi-Fi Rush will be released on PS5 soon, but it can give you plenty of reasons to be skeptical. So far, as I said before, we haven't been lucky enough to have a Microsoft-made game that would venture anywhere near Sony's console, which although at first seems like only a nice gesture towards those gamers using a PS5 controller on PC, But then we can ask the question why other games, such as the constantly updated Starfield from 2023, have not yet included similar functions?!

Of course, we will only be able to say for sure when the official PS5 release of Hi-Fi Rush will be announced – whether there will be such a thing at all, but we really hope so, because success will certainly be good for this. Treasure, which can persist even if the PS is exceeded. Fingers crossed and our eyes on the screens to see if we'll get more specific information next time!

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