It’s As If We’re Not Even On This Planet: 8 Impossibly Amazing Places Around The World – Esoteria

The human mind cannot even comprehend the vastness of the world, and the imagination will not even dare to dream about the size of the beautiful places scattered around it.

The lucky ones are the world travelers who have access to the most special places on earth, but anyone who is open to the beauty of nature can enjoy these different places. This article also gives you the opportunity to do so: in a few minutes we will visit eight points in the world that are so wonderful that they are out of this world.

Places of beauty from another world

Make no mistake, this planet is still called Earth: we wish you an interesting flight of imagination!

Las Coloradas is located in Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula. The row of bright pink salt lakes is like a beautiful dream scene.

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images Hungary

Shark Bay is surreally beautiful: the red earth of Australia’s westernmost point meets the blue-green waters of the Indian Ocean here.

The snow-white formations of Pamukkale in Turkey are beautiful: the steps are formed by slowly crystallizing calcium carbonate.

Eldraun lava field, Vatnajökull National Park, Southern Region, Iceland.

Wulingyuan, China’s thousands of rising and falling quartz sandstone formations paint a world of difference. Under the towers are valleys, streams, waterfalls, caves, natural bridges, and dense green forests.

Western Madagascar looks like an alien-infested territory thanks to its countless monkey breadfruit trees.

The landscape is colored by rainbow-striped mountains in Zhangye Danxia National Geopark, Gansu, China.

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