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It’s amazing what a 102-year-old British grandmother can do

It’s amazing what a 102-year-old British grandmother can do

Dinkie Flowers clearly attributes her long life to her passion for dancing.

As long as she can get back on her feet, she’ll rock, promised former ice dancer Dinky Flowers, who turns 102 in May. Although the retiree hasn’t danced professionally in decades, his advanced age doesn’t stop him from moving on. Not so much that she still teaches fitness classes to this day.

“Dance keeps me alive, sunshine and dance make me happy”

Flowers, who now has a new target, told Southwest News Service.

The grandmother from West Sussex will celebrate the milestone with a boisterous tea party on May 7, as she plans to perform her birthday dance, which she has choreographed especially for the occasion.

“Dancing has helped keep me healthy. Everyone needs a hobby, and no one should sit on their butt all day.”

said the former acrobatic skater.

The woman also hopes to use her dance to help raise money for a local charity called Gateway Hub, which helps the local needy daily and also runs a food bank.

Flowers, who is now one of the UK’s oldest residents, was born in 1921 when George V was king, which means he’s lived through five monarchs and 22 prime ministers.

As a professional dancer, the grandmother, who boasts four grandchildren, has performed all over the world, including once in Baghdad for the late Prince Philip.

source: New York Post

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