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It’s already certain: the US government is about to shut down

It’s already certain: the US government is about to shut down

Tuesday evening The Senate announces the draft agreement on government financing, Which may be the last chance to avoid closure. The 79-page bill would keep the government open until November 17. The bill will give more time to negotiate a broader spending agreement that Congress must approve before the end of the year. This bill received significant bipartisan support,

But the proposal was rejected by the Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

On Friday, Republican members of the House of Representatives also blocked a temporary bill submitted by their party. This proposal included a number of conservative policy amendments that Democrats opposed and had no chance of obtaining the necessary support from the Senate for legislation.

This is due to internal conflict between Republicans, who control the House of Representatives by a majority of 221-212 The United States has reached a partial lockdown for the fourth time in ten years.

The House of Representatives was once again unable to pass a law that would keep the government functioning even after October 1, which marks the beginning of the budget year.

If both houses are on Sunday 00:01 If they can’t send a proposal that President Joe Biden can sign, hundreds of thousands of federal employees will be left without funding for their jobs.. Federal agencies have already drawn up detailed plans outlining which services — such as airport screening and border patrol — must continue. Which should be eliminated – for example, scientific research and food aid for seven million poor mothers.

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the government Most of its more than four million employees will not receive their salaries. Regardless of whether you are working or not. But House Republicans said they plan to vote on measures to keep the pay of military personnel, border security personnel and Federal Aviation Administration personnel during the shutdown. these These measures will not take effect unless approved by the Senate and signed by Biden.

Source: Reuters

Cover image source: Getty Images

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