It's a very exciting thing reported by a trusted leaker on 4K switch

It’s a very exciting thing reported by a trusted leaker on 4K switch

The Nintendo Switch turned 4 on March 3 this year, so it might not be a question of impatience about when the new Nintendo console will come out. Of course, the Japanese console manufacturer has repeatedly stated that it will not rush things, and this is not necessarily the goal of 4K resolution, it does not want to compete with manufacturers of large consoles. Of course, we recently received unofficial information about the Nintendo Switch Pro (or whatever what we call the improved model), and soon after it was introduced, there were some unfavorable details about the console – I mean, unfavorable to current Switch owners.

Reset Iran A user named NateDrake has emerged claiming to be an insider and previously has some trusted Nintendo interface pinned tips. He wrote in a forum exploring the Switch Pro model that we can count on exclusive games, especially from third-party partners. Of course, at first this doesn’t seem like a serious thing, as the Nintendo Switch has several exclusive titles, for example The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here, however, it relates to the fact that the particular game will be exclusive in terms of the improved 4K model, that is, it will only be possible to play with it. The reason, according to NateDrake, is that Nintendo intends this Pro version to be a Switch review, sort of a premium model. External partners will take advantage of this, and will technically transfer their rougher games exclusively to this one and not to the base model or Lite. We’ve already seen a similar solution to the Nintendo 3DS, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this insider proves authenticity later.

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Of course, we’re waiting until the official announcement of the Nintendo Switch Pro for now, so deal with any leaks or unofficial info with reservations! If we can believe the resources, this new adapter could still be in stores at the end of 2021.

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