The house where E30 was found was in very poor condition, with most of the roof collapsed. The bad weather did not spare the car either, which was waiting for rescuers in a miserable condition, inside and out.

After entering the dilapidated site, the team quickly began exhuming the E30 from its grave. This was no easy task, as rust had also taken its toll, and the corroded suspension used for towing couldn't handle it and came out of its mounting points. A set of pulleys helped remedy the situation and the team turned the car around to reach the first tow point.

When the team arrives at the workshop, they begin to thoroughly clean the exterior, and the car looks shockingly different after the first treatment, but years of neglect are hard to hide. The hood was rusted and had to be pried open with a crowbar, exposing the corrosion-covered engine compartment. Inside, the situation is no better, as the professionals have encountered a lot of rust and rodent action.

At that time, they also saw that it was too late for this car, the wear was too great, and the stench of rodents could not be eliminated, so despite all attempts, this BMW E30 would only serve as a donor for the parts most fortunate to survive .