Italy won the Eurovision Song Contest

Italy won the Eurovision Song Contest

Italian rock band Måneskin won the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 65 in Rotterdam, which they did not achieve last year, with the song Zitti E Buoni.

Long live Italy!

Overwhelmed by audience votes, a rock song composed by Italian band Måneskin, shut up and goodt was selected as the best Eurovision Song Contest.

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest finalists, Måneskin guitarist Victoria, and singer Damiano at the press conference following the final
Photo: Sander Koning/Afghan National Agency via AFP

The Italians once again reached the finals with a free ticket, as the founding nation, along with the French, Germans, Spaniards and the rapporteur representing the United Kingdom and the host Netherlands. The judges for the final are the tears of Swiss Gjon all the universe He considered his lyricism the best, but the audience exceeded the order established by experts. In the end, behind the Italian rock band, Frenchwoman Barbara Privy ran second, there he is with the song all the universe and became a third.

The French singer also won two special awards. Privy also received a special journalistic award named after Eurovision founder, Marcel Bezenson, as well as a special art award given by on-site mediators.

The 65th song contest has now been hosted for the first time in Rotterdam, a year later it is supposed to host the show. In 2020, due to the severe epidemiological situation, the competition had to be postponed and replaced with Europe Shine a Light broadcast without an audience on Dutch TV channels that could have been responsible for the postponed competition. Also this year, strict sanitary rules were put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Due to the pandemic, the rules of the competition have also been changed: for the first time, background vocalists were allowed to play from a recording in the semi-finals and finals.

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This time, only 500 journalists attended the event, a third of the usual number, and only 20 percent of spectator capacity was used at the Rotterdam Arena, which served as the camp’s epidemiological hospital for a year. 3,500 people were accepted into each round. Despite its limitations, Eurovision has been the largest public event in Europe since the coronavirus pandemic.

Swiss Gion tears on stage at Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam at the final of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

For the event, which began on Tuesday, all participants were required to show a negative coronavirus test result of no more than 24 hours at the entrance. The technical program staff as well as the members of the delegations of the original countries – musicians and journalists – were also regularly auditioned.

For the first time in the history of the competition, the production of each competitor was pre-recorded, but in the end it was only necessary to use this solution for Daði og Gagnamagnið. A member of the Icelandic delegation got stuck in the audition before the semi-finals, but the band was still ahead. Their songs could also be featured in the finale from a recording, which proved to be a bit of a hit for the platform. They were the fourth to be celebrated in quarantine.

Last year’s winner, Dutchman Duncan Lawrence, was also unable to perform live in the final because his coronavirus test was also positive, so his song Arcade was played from a recording at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam.

rock and roll uruk

– With these words, the Måneskin singer took home the award for best song. The four-member band, which was still one of the countless street bands in Rome five years ago, borrowed its name from the Danish word for Moonlight. And the title of their winning song with a raw translation is as follows: Listen and act!

Italian speaker at Eurovision for the third time this year; Earlier, in 1964, Gigliola Cinquetti and in 1990 Toto Cutugno won the award for best song.

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Initially, 41 countries confirmed their participation in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest – after Montenegro and Hungary previously indicated that they would no longer send contestants to the festival. In the end, only representatives of 39 countries arrived in Rotterdam, where Armenia canceled its departure for internal political reasons, and called Belarus with a song that did not comply with the rules, so it could not start.

For the first time since the voting system was rewritten in 2016, no country scored a single point. James Newman, representing the British, one of the founders embers He did not score points either from the audience or from the jury in the final. But he was not the first Briton to be punished without a vote by both the jury and the public. In 2003, Gemini A Cry dear Fried with song. The last time the British won Katrina and The Waves was in 1997 Love shines a light with the song.

James Newman, British competitor embers They will perform in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest Final.
Photo: Sander Koning / ANP via Agence France-Presse

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