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Italy came out against the North Macedonians

There was a big surprise in the semi-finals of the European World Cup qualifiers: Italy welcomed North Macedonia at home, but it did not work out. The Italians played a big lead, trying more than 30 times but never finding them, while the North Macedonian scored a goal in the second minute of extra time, winning. Thus, he decided that the European champion would not be present in the World Cup!

Details and summary of the meeting can be found by clicking here.

Proposal for the European World Championship
Italy – North Macedonia 0-1
Palermo, Renzo Barbera stadium, 33,000 view. led: turbine (French)
Italia: Donnarumma – Florenzi, G.Mancini (Chiellini, 90), Bastoni, Emerson – Barella (Tonali, 77), Jorginho, Verratti – Berardi (Joao Pedro, 89), Immobile (Lo. Pellegrini, 77), Insigne (Raspadori, 64) .). Federal Captain: Roberto Mancini.
North Macedonia: Dmitrievsky – St. Restovsky, Velikovsky, Musliu, Alyusky – Chorlinov, Adami (Askowsky, 59), Bardy, Nikolov (Spironovsky, 59) – Trajkovsky, M. Ristovsky (72). Federal Captain: Blagoga Milevsky.

scorer: Trajkovsky (90 + 2.)

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