Italian sunny joked

Italian sunny joked

In addition to Kristóf Rasovszky and Dávid Betlehem, we were also able to support Anna Anna of Szeged in the third stop of the Open Water Swimmers World Cup. Among the members of the Hungarian delegation, Bethlehem did well, taking sixth place, but he was the only one of the three who did not witness any unusual events in his race, to claim a gold medal. Similar to the European Championships 2018 in Glasgow, he lost again to the plate: with Marc-Antoine Olivier behind him, the Hungarian jockey was the first to close and hit the plate, which was somewhat higher, scored this hour. However, the classic punch was only made with the other hand held back, and the judges ruled in favor of the Frenchman, making him the first. With Haász SZUE edging out fourth-place Olympian, Italian Anna, there were no daily series of events at Eliat either. The Sigd class had the 50m advantage in the third round of the competition, but then came the black soup: The sun shone in his eyes, he blinded him, so he lost his way, turning his advantage into a mist, finally finishing sixth in the field. Already won a fight. With this sixth place Anna has not moved forward or backward in the World Cup, she can expect to continue from fourth place.

– I ran a 10.5 km race because I love swimming and there is no fairy tale Anna told MTI after the race. – I went on a small trip. I’ve been swimming in open water for ten years, and I’ve never missed a buoy, it’s time to give it a try too. One learns from his mistakes, and it is often said that I will try to show in Abu Dhabi that I have succeeded. He said.

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Gabor Gellert, head coach of Haász SZUE and federal captain of the Hungarian open water swimmers, was also evaluated after the competition. He highlighted the positive side of his pupil’s swimming.

– The field was swimming at a slower pace than usual, and Anna was in the lead in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, in the expanse where the sun was shining in his eyes, he lost direction, so he had to catch up, which took a lot of strength from him. Perhaps that was all he needed to be able to finish more with his tight hair, but it’s encouraging ahead of the grand final that he took such a bold initiative. Gilbert said.

Next Thursday’s final season will have to move to a higher division in Abu Dhabi. This also applies to Vas Luca, who is also a member of the HAUE SZUE, as he can prove it here. There will be something, because in addition to the protected Hungarians, Rasovsky and Italy, 2-2 places will be rented in the framework of the World and European Championships, and their fate will be decided by Thursday’s match.

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