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It would remove the second Oxford students. Elizabeth’s photo

It would remove the second Oxford students.  Elizabeth’s photo

According to students of the Radical Left at Magdalen College, Oxford University, 2. The portrait of Queen Elizabeth illustrates the “colonial history” of the United Kingdom. In their view, the painting should be replaced by other works, the international news agency V4NA points out to the British Daily Mail. Referring to.

Here’s another sad example of “abolitionism,” a radical left-wing culture shock that aims to abolish traditional values: a community of graduate students at Oxford’s Magdalen College voted to remove the Queen of England, II. Elizabeth A photo of the institution.

Far-left students say the portrait of the Queen, who has ruled since 1952, should be removed from Oxford University because it depicts the “colonial history” of the United Kingdom. In their view, “the painting should be replaced by the works of influential and inspiring people.”

Students argue that The vote was not about the Queen herself, but about “creating a place that is friendly and impartial, regardless of people’s opinions or demographics”. American conservative Breitbart is connected to this in the article At the same time he writes Before the vote, one student noted that “patriotism and colonialism are really inseparable.”

Gavin Williamson The British Minister of Education expressed his anger over the case on his Twitter page: Removing the Queen’s image from students is simply absurd. He is the head of state and a symbol of all the best in the UK. During his long reign, he worked tirelessly to promote British values ​​such as tolerance, inclusion and respect around the world. Williamson wrote in his letter.

Politician and activist Lawrence Fox – who often takes a stand against excessive political correctness and in the name of common sense – also expressed his displeasure on his Twitter page. These unusual numbers will soon lead the country. Enjoy! Fox Books.

a Good morning Britain Wednesday Calvin Robinson The political advisor said: If the vote is extended to include the entire university, the Queen Elizabeth portrait will be returned to its ‘correct place’.

Your Majesty, our ruler, is more than a person, he represents the crown, and he is also an institution that represents all that unites us, and we should rejoice in that, especially in this contentious age in which we live. Robinson said.

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President of Magdalen College, Oxford, Dinah Rose He tried to isolate the institution he leads from the radical left students who decided to remove the picture. He wrote on his Twitter page:Graduate students do not represent Magdalen College.

“The Foundation strongly supports freedom of speech and political debate, as well as the community’s right to self-government,” Rose added.

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