It would have been possible to find out where Forza Horizon 5 is staying

It would have been possible to find out where Forza Horizon 5 is staying

According to rumors so far, the upcoming Forza Horizon game might take place in Japan, but now in Mexico OriginatedAs a potential site. Latin America’s Jez Corden state, a member of the Windows Central leak team, popped up for a Twitter post. All Corden wrote on Twitter was to get to Mexico once, and then, behind the sentence, he was a big car symbol

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Group also sprayed the Mexican pitch and started insinuating it was funny on Twitter, but this message was very difficult to interpret. Thankfully, the Iron Lords Podcast explained this more clearly:

“Let’s start with Vortex, the Mexican Flag. I wonder what that means. I used to get fake screenshots of the Japanese scene, but it turned out they weren’t real. Then Jeez announced that he was going to Mexico with his little car and everyone started guessing. So yeah, Mexico,” It will be. Yes. ”

While it is true that Mexico, with its varied terrain, sub-temperate, subtropical climate, rainforests, semi-deserts and bustling cities, will be the perfect place to compete, until Microsoft officially announces, the news should be treated with caution. .

Jeff Grubb already stated last year that he thinks Forza Horizon 5 is coming this year, but it’s also conceivable that Microsoft announces the game at this year’s E3. Playground Games, in charge of the franchise, is currently working on the next installment of Fable.

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