It would have been better if the money and energy allotted to Fodan had been spent on developing the existing Hungarian universities.

a He interviewed his people Laszlo Lovas, the former president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, spoke of the fact that he does not essentially miss the presidency, but sometimes remembers that he had ideas that would have been good to convey,

Lovach, who recently received the sport’s most important award, the Abel Prize, said for the reorganization of the Search Network that he was unaware of any notable tensions, and he hadn’t heard of anyone being told what to look for or what not. The institute’s network budget has increased, which is definitely good news.

Photo: MTA/Tamas Szigeti

The interview sparked controversy over Fudan University’s plan, with the world-renowned mathematician saying he had a hard time saying anything about the campus plans for the Chinese University in Budapest, as no one had even given a real answer about how the university would operate here. .

“It’s hard to answer because no one has yet given a real answer as to how this works. We don’t know the details, although it all depends on them. Who will study and study there, how will the investment pay off for Hungary? Will there be places for Hungarian students, and will there be scholarships? Scholarships for talented but less affluent youth?China has certainly made great strides forward in science.Chinese universities, such as Fudan University in Shanghai or Tsinghua University in Beijing, rank highly in many international rankings.It is also worth adding, For example, in the field of natural sciences, it is not interesting how much the commitment to the Chinese Communist Party is reflected in the university laws,” says Lovas, then adding:

“In general, however, I think it would have been better if the money and energy for Fodan had been spent on the development of existing Hungarian universities. He is very worried because more and more young people are leaving Hungary to study abroad after graduation, and many people do not even meet Hungarian science professors And the Hungarians. Of course, science is an international thing, and researchers move a lot because of their research assignments, and the only problem is that Hungary is usually on the losing half of this process.”

According to Lovász, there is a chance or attraction of excellent scientists and researchers, but we will likely produce more gray matter for a long time than we will end up here and become pure sources. For that to change, you need a spiritual community that you feel is not isolated but is at the forefront of the world.

Asked about the fact that the Hungarian government was described as anti-science by many at home and abroad, and for this reason the Research Network was separated from the Academy, Lovasz said the need for centralization in the field of science was too great.

“Which, on the basis of better reasoning, can be interpreted as anti-science because one of the main characteristics of science is that it is unplanable from the point of view of management. The successes and scientific breakthroughs that we will achieve in ten years cannot be pre-planned. I have little confidence in any Research orders come from above. Obviously, in a car factory, it couldn’t be otherwise. But you can’t pre-order anything in basic scientific research, that’s not how it works.”

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