It will be easier to enter the EU from Canada and Kosovo

However, in the case of Great Britain, entry rules are not relaxed due to the delta-variable spread of the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, a total of 11 new countries They agreed Ambassadors of the European Union and the countries concerned to put them on the so-called “EU list of countries epidemiologically safe during Covid-19” – including Canada and Kosovo.

This is a list invented by the European Commission to allow member states to reopen all or part of their borders to travelers from third countries (ie countries outside the European Union and outside the European Economic Area), such as tourism. rotation with a purpose.

The list, which has nothing to do with the EU Green Card, which will enter into force among EU member states on July 1, could include countries in which the Cabinet has decided that the epidemic situation is too good and the number of new infections is too low to be eased. Entry restrictions (such as quarantine commitments or PCR testing) or even edit them.

It is important, however, that

Listing is not legally binding on member states, they just have to take into account the council classification when setting their entry rules.

Fifteen states are currently on the list included: United States, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Lebanon and Rwanda.

In addition to Canada and Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Jordan are now joining this line.

However, Britain was not included in the list for ease of entry, due to the increasing prevalence of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

In the island country since the end of May They started getting up again Case numbers: In the week of June 21, the authorities reported a total of nearly 120,000 new cases of coronavirus disease, which is 48,000 more than the total number of new cases in the previous week.

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Because of this, the fourth step of the epidemic opening swept over It has also been postponed Boris Johnson: Still, for example, over 30 people 30 Telus They even gather outdoors, meet each other or just six people May Of any number of families, or what they may meet, but not more than two families at most.

open image: Ripley’s Aquarium, Canada, 2014. EuroCarGT / Wikipedia

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