It will be a smaller but unique looking car

Kylotonn (= KT Racing, but the same company) and Nacon won’t be introducing a slew of cars in the new segment of the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited, but according to them, not all cars will look alike on the track.

Forza Horizon replaced Test Drive Unlimited, which was published in 2006, because now we can mention this game as the first example when we talk about open-world car racing, but we can also mention The Crew from Ubisoft. But the “Unlimited Driving Test” wants to regain the throne, and the creative director of the game Alan Garneau in a new interview wire.

For example, mention why the range of cars would be less than, say, Forza Horizon 5: “In Forza Horizon, if you spin the wheel (Wheelspin), you get two cars, or you get another one if you complete a mission. You have a lot of cars In your garage, but you don’t work for it. There are fewer cars in Test Drive Unlimited, but you choose those. Here you have a stronger connection with your garage than any other game. You need to earn money to buy your dream cars. You spend Time with your car, evolve it, drive it, and show it off to other players.”

But then he also explained why Verda’s offering would be scaled back: “The idea is that the game will be more simulation-like than The Crew or Forza Horizon, which is just like arcade games. Part of the fun of driving is that the game is realistic, but not very simulated. We want to We give players the freedom to tweak the driving aids to be more simulated if they want to. I want that feeling (driving the right cars with the right feelings) to be stronger in Test Drive Unlimited than in Forza Horizon. This is not going to be a racing simulation, it’s a driving simulation. If you’re in a Ferrari [Volkswagen] Sitting in an insect is not the same experience. You will feel it. This is important if you love cars: you want to feel the difference between them,” Garneau added.

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Hong Kong’s solar crown unlimited will be much smaller (30 square kilometers) than the island of Oahu seen in the first segment (600 square kilometers), but in return it will be much denser and geographically variable. The game is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC in 2023.

source: WCCFTech

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