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It was thought to be extinct more than a hundred years ago, but it is now emerging

An insect species believed to have been extinct in Britain for more than a hundred years has been found in a park along the west coast of Scotland in a park.

The last record of a quail called Limnephilus Pati was recorded in Britain over a hundred years ago. This time, however, he captured a male in a photoepilation that Robin Sutton had placed in his garden on South Yeast Island. Experts found that the insect belongs to the species.

It is very interesting that this species, although it appeared to be extinct, can be found in the British Isles. ” Said Craig MacAdam, head of the UK pest control organization Buglife. “We don’t know much about their needs, but discovering a new group could mean getting one step closer to understanding what led to the shrinking of the species elsewhere,” the expert said.

The southern Uist city has perfect habitats for quail species, with many small ponds and mineral-rich streams. Sutton stumbled upon the special version in July. He has already found a total of 23 species in his garden.

He said, “I had a photoreceptor in the Outer Hebrides for four years, but I didn’t think my backyard would be the only place to find an extinct species in Britain.” And he stressed that “it shows how little we know about these remote places.”

Limnephilus Pati is believed to still have residents in Ireland and the Isle of Man.

(MTI / dpa)

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