It was the largest dinosaur in Australia

Huge animal, 25-30 meters long, 5-6.5 meters hip height Australutean coprensis Named after it, with its huge size, it is one of the 10-15 largest dinosaurs in the world – Reported to Eurekler. The animal got its name from Copper Creek, near which its first bones were found in 2007.
a Queensland Museum And that Eromanga Natural History Museum Paleontologists, geologists and their civilian assistants the result of 17 years of joint work to describe the species, in PeerJ . magazine Posted.

For the researchers to prove that these were the bones of a hitherto unknown species, they also had to be compared very precisely with those of other Australian dinosaurs, and this was a time-consuming task. Since very large bones are in museums hundreds or thousands of kilometers away, the bones have now been measured in 3D for the first time, so tons of remains can be taken anywhere in a lightweight laptop. Completed 3D digital models will be available in the museum’s database at a later time, and new research can be done on them at any time.

The giant humerus and a copy of it

Source: Rochelle Lawrence / Eromanga Museum of Natural History

Investigations showed that australutean It was a relative of three other dinosaurs that lived here 92-96 million years ago. In the area where the giant’s bones were discovered, the excavations also revealed many other exciting discoveries that will be addressed later. For example, dinosaur footprints with a length of about 100 meters were also found.

New species, an abundance of fossils and bone remains unearthed as they were discovered have made Queensland the fossil center of Australia, providing business opportunities in an area often left behind, and boosting tourism as well. The remains examined are Eromanga Preserved in the Natural History Museum, they can also be viewed there.

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