Akkora siker lett, hogy két folytatást is kap a Különösen veszélyes bűnözők bevezetőkép

It was so successful that two particularly dangerous criminals were given two series

Netflix has also greenlighted the next adventures of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in terms of success.

In terms of series, Squid Game is stocked on Netflix, while in the movie category, Dwayne’s “The Rock” is a joint work of Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds. Destroy all records, at least according to your streaming service provider. The work, however, became highly divisive: some saw it as innocent entertainment, others thought it was a ridiculous worm, but Rawson Thurber Marshall, who runs “particularly dangerous criminals”, surely wouldn’t have to fear losing his job because a period. Although he previously revealed that he wanted to make one Hulk vs. Wolverine CinemaNetflix has other plans with it.

a Delivery time According to his report, two sequels also got green lights, with the return of the three stars as well as Thurber for the second and third parts. Filming for the next movie could begin sometime in 2023, and Thurber is said to have already been writing the script.

This is what the director did last year empire He told the magazine about his wonderful shooting experience with the three world-famous actors and how lucky he was to be at the meeting of Deadpool, Wonder Woman and Black Adam. Thurber believes that chemistry is not a job of writing or directing, but rather a job of acting, and these guys are very special about it.

The popularity of Especially Dangerous Criminals is a good indication that one of Dwayne Johnson’s tweets said the movie was able to run 392 million hours in eleven days. Hopefully, despite this success, Thurber is now turning around a bit and staying with Netflix to make a movie version of The Division as well, We are looking forward to it.

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