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It was “impossible” to be dubbed like A Dragon: Ishin! into English!

It was “impossible” to be dubbed like A Dragon: Ishin!  into English!

Remaking a game that was only available in Japan for an entire generation of consoles wouldn’t have had such high-quality English dubbing.

Masayoshi Yokoyama, Head of Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku behind Yakuza / Like A Dragon (franchise also continues) to GameSpot He explained that during the development of the original game, it was already thought that creating an English version of it would be an impossible task: “When we first worked on Ishin!, we thought it would be impossible to localize this game. There is no way that Asian and foreign teams could do it. I don’t think That half of the people really understand what’s going on. It’s hard for the Japanese to understand, and it’s probably even more difficult for an outsider…”

Thanks to modern translation and game systems, this is no longer a problem. Like a dragon: Ishin! Its Western version will also have a system that explains the old terms, which is why the Japanese studio believes that the best version of the game will be in the West. There will be no English dubbing either, due to the outdated use of the words. The Togo Dojo He translated another interview with Yokoyama, and here he explained that because of the style of speech used during the Bakumatsu period (1860s), very long sentences and utterances would evolve…

“They don’t really watch translated content, especially in English-speaking countries. That’s why they prefer dubbing. However, we didn’t do it for Yakuza 0, so it was translated… and it’s still very popular. Foreign fans who have been playing since are still Then they play this way (Japanese with English subtitles). They like the voice of Nakano and Kuroda, so they want to hear their voices while playing. This can be changed in the settings. There are many people who play with English subtitles as well as Japanese dubbing. Ishin! We use translation To remake it. There will be no synchronization. We will translate the game into English, but because of the special vocabulary and speech used in the Bakumatsu era, the lines will be incredibly long, so it won’t work,” Yokoyama said.

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Like a dragon: Ishin! Coming February 21 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (steamAnd the Microsoft Store), for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

source: WCCFTech

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