Eldőlt: ennyi pénzt kapnak a magyar focisták az EB-szereplés után

It was decided that this is the amount that Hungarian footballers will receive after participating in the European Championships

More than three and a half billion forints went into the coffers of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) in cash prizes for the European Championship. The bulk of the amount comes from €9.25 million upon exit, with another €1 million raised by Marco Rossi against France and Germany. Fighting the miracle could have resulted in revenue of more than one and a half million euros (about 525 million forints).

With the Hungarian national team appearing five years ago (one win in the group stage, two draws and an eighth final), they played a total of 3.5 million euros in the tournament, this year less than 1 million euros.

“Players and team members of the national team will always receive a bonus based on the results achieved. The bonus is paid from the bonus transferred from UEFA to MLSZ. According to current practice, thirty percent of the amount received for the result is for the players and fifteen percent for the professional organ. The newspaper replied that the amount Also includes taxes and subscriptions benefit Jergo Szabo, head of press for the national team.

Translated into numbers, this means that out of 1 million euros for this year’s European Championship, 300 players (about 105 million forints) will receive 300,000 euros (about 105 million forints), with Marco Rossi and his assistants involved 150,000 euros (about 53 million forints). ). forints) MLSZ has a value of 550 thousand euros (about 193 million HUF).

Although the good is yet to come, UEFA is distributing the most money ever in this year’s European Championship, with a total prize pool of €331 million.

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