It was also startling 14 years later that Volkswagen packed the W12 in the Golf GTI

The brutal version of the Golf GTI was held in 2007 at the Wörthersee Motor Rally, with everyone dropping their chins. Volkswagen engineers acquired a five-wheel Golf GTI, with a two-cylinder Bentley Continental GT engine behind its front seats, which led to the production of the mid-engine GTI W12-650.

To fit the engine at all, the chestnuts had to be completely rebuilt. The car has been expanded by more than ten inches so that the wheel arches protrude unmatched anywhere else. They also installed the car low, with 9-inch and 12-inch wheels up front.

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Thanks to the Bentley engine and rear-wheel drive taken from there as well, the Golf GTI W12-650 ran a hundred in about 3.5 seconds and reached 323 km / h. His most famous performance was on Top Gear, stopping Jeremy Clarkson with his performances, though he also indicated that it was impossible to turn around with him at higher speeds.

Even though the VW Golf GTI has become a lot more technologically advanced for the eighth generation, we will never see another crazy version like this one.

Meanwhile, footage emerged of a poorly sprung Jaguar F-Type falling from the top of a truck. Extremely embarrassing scenes series in which two more cars are injured Here It can be viewed or seen.

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