It turns out when we get new information about the zombie action game

It turns out when we get new information about the zombie action game

We get regular information about Dying Light 2, but this information is approximate, the game is still in development, has not been deleted, and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course, we recently received an unofficial insider report stating that infernal conditions reigned in Techland’s ranks, and this is primarily due to the studio director, Pawe Marchewka, who, if he jumped from his enthusiasm to his experience, was sure to break himself. In any case, soon we’ll have some updates or novelties for the Dying Light 2 interface!

Light moribund hivatalos Twitterén He appeared in a post telling us that March 17On Wednesday, we will be watching Techland channels as we receive some announcements or status report about Dying Light 2 and its development. Hopefully, this will come with some new preview / gameplay videos, but we’re also expecting to reveal a new release date as the game doesn’t have any specific premiere dates yet.

Originally, Dying Light 2 was coming in Spring 2020, but its premiere has been postponed until early last year, and we haven’t seen much of anything about DL 2 since then. In principle, there is already a chance this year to witness the second part of Zombie Open World Action, but in light of the aforementioned internal report, development is progressing very slowly due to Marchewka’s hectic nature. The collector’s version is already ready, of course, so you probably don’t have to worry too much.

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