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It turns out when new Life is Strange and many new Square Enix games are revealed

It turns out when new Life is Strange and many new Square Enix games are revealed

The second part of Life is Strange isn’t as big as the first and previous stories, but let’s face it, it’s also hard to beat the puberty drama that Chloe and Max were manipulated. However, Life is Strange 2 wasn’t bad either, so it’s not surprising that Episode 3 was also there. The only question is when we’re going to get it, and of course, what it’s going to be about. This will be revealed next week, in about a week!

Life is strange, you posted Square Enix announcedWhich – which March 18He gives an online presentation, which is a common occurrence recently, when the fate of E3 and other live shows were also set in motion due to the Coronavirus pandemic. If we already have gameplay case and inside Xbox and Ubisoft Forward, we already have Square Enix Presents! This is how they’ll call the SE game offer, which the publisher will come up with at certain intervals. The first episode is scheduled for next Thursday, and its protagonist will be the next installment of Life is Strange, which Square Enix didn’t launch on Life is Strange 3, but might still be numbered the traditional way. In Hungary, the entire csinnadratta starts from 6 pm.

Of course, Life will not only be a strange game, but it will also be another game from Square. We can also rely on announcements, news, videos and presentations related to the games that have already been announced. In addition to the story-centered adventure game Dontnod, the evening’s headlines will be Outriders, Marvel’s Avengers, 25-year-old Tomb Raider, Just Cause Mobile and Balan Wonderworld, as well as other mobile games and relatives of Square Enix. Taito is placed on the table. The complete presentation will take 40 minutes.

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In the context of Life is Strange, the promise is to get to know a new hero and his new superhero ability. Previous unofficial information has informed us that not a single movie is being made, but two outright Life is Strange, and one, the traditional sequel, will have an Asian American protagonist that we can direct in a small American town. The other is supposed to tell a story similar to Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Certainly in the premiere next week, the first, i.e. the sequel, will be revealed on March 18 at 6 PM.

Five episodes of Life is Strange 2 were released during 2018 and 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The series’ developer, Dontnod, is also working on half a dozen games, so we can expect something like a Twin Mirror from them last year.

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