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It turns out that some of Stonehenge’s stone circles were originally about 225 kilometers in Wales

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A team of British archaeologists has discovered that the blue stones that make up the two circles of Stonehenge are indeed from Wales, more specifically from Waun Mawn. Traces of a massive stone circle 110 meters in diameter were found as well as the trench surrounding Stonehenge that was adapted for the summer solstice.

As early as the Middle Ages, there was a story in Gottfried’s writings in Monmouth that Merlin, the wizard, ordered his men to Ireland (Wales was at that time an Irish land) to move a circle of magic stones from there to England and then rebuild it there. Monument to the dead. It would have been an obvious explanation for Stonehenge’s thinking, however, since the English historian was wrong about many historical facts, archaeologists had not taken this suggestion seriously for long.

A hundred years ago, geologist Herbert Thomas theorized that the blue stones that make up part of Stonehenge actually come from the distant Presley Mountains.

Stonehenge is actually a used edifice.Photo: Adrian Denis / AFP

Mike Parker Pearson, a team of prehistoric British archaeologists, recently discovered circular depressions buried in Wales that fit into the Blowhenge stone blocks, and at the bottom of one of the pits is a footprint equal to the cross-section of the Stonehenge. In addition to the depressions, there were four stone blocks very similar in shape to those of Stonehenge.

The site of the current discovery is only 3 miles from the former Priscilly quarries. The fact that the stones date back to 3300 BC, a few hundred years before Stonehenge was constructed, was discovered by examining the carbonated hazelnut shells that the builders left at the site. So the monumental building was originally constructed in Waun Mawn, and after about 400 years it could have been moved to its current location, Wiltshire, 225 miles away. (guardian)

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