It turns out that fried potatoes can cause serious illnesses

French fries destroy you not only physically, but also mentally – the science portal Futurism cites recently published research.

It has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in a new study A research team has found a link between consumption of french fries and anxiety or depression, after experts analyzed data collected from more than 140,000 people who ate french fries over the course of 11 years.

The data — which comes from a UK Biobank database containing the health data of half a million Brits — was examined by researchers in Hangzhou, China, and found that consumption of french fries is associated with a 12 per cent increase in the risk of anxiety and anxiety. 7% increase in the chances of developing depression.

According to the researchers, the deterioration is caused by a chemical produced during baking, namely acrylamide.

Source: DPA / AFP / Worldwide use, Verwendung weltweit / Gero Breloer

The scientists wrote that zebrafish exposed to the chemical displayed symptoms of depression and anxiety typical of fish: They retreated to dark corners, refrained from exploring their aquariums, and withdrew from social contact.

It’s important to add that these results are only preliminary at the moment, and more testing is needed to confirm them, but experts say the problem definitely needs to be addressed.

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