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It turns out that due to the explosion of one of the largest power plants in Ukraine, it is worse than the hypersonic “Kinzhal”.

It turns out that due to the explosion of one of the largest power plants in Ukraine, it is worse than the hypersonic “Kinzhal”.

According to sources who spoke to the portal, the Ukrainian authorities found and identified the debris of the missiles that hit Trebliska. According to information, Russia used an H-69 cruise missile during the attack.

This is not the first time H-69s have been used to strike Ukraine, at least the first mention of their use appeared in February 2024, although there have been isolated cases as early as 2023.

Russian forces will launch the cruise missile from Su-34 and Su-35 fighter jets, but according to plans, the Su-57 will also be equipped with it.

However, the current case differs from other cases in that the launch distance of the cruise missile was estimated at about 400 kilometers, which is much greater than the previously known range. This new number is sufficient for aircraft flying 50-70 kilometers from the front line to strike a large number of targets on the territory of Ukraine.The only exception to this is Transcarpathia.

In addition, the authors of the portal consider it to be more dangerous, even than the hypersonic Kinzhal drone. In terms of its low flight ability (20 meters high) and its almost smaller size “invisible” He does for the Ukrainian air defense.

Added to this is the fact that the Ukrainians have nothing “Initial preparation time”. In comparison, while A H-47 Kinzsal drones are launched from Tu-95 strategic bombers or MiG-31K fighters(And radars are already monitoring these fighter planes the moment they take off), even The fixed wings that carry the H-69 are in the air frequently, almost all day long.

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The portal also added that the only possible advantage for the Ukrainians is that Russia does not have a large stock (all the remains contain production numbers at the end of 2023), so the amount of deployable cruise missiles depends on the start of serial production.

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