It turns out that America will punish Putin if it launches an attack

According to Reuters sources, members of the Republican Party are trying to resolve the stalemate by submitting their own bill to the Senate, in which they present only the points on which they agree.

With a de facto Democratic majority in the Senate, the package is unlikely to pass, but it’s interesting anyway because it reveals certain elements of the content of the proposal referred to as the “mother of all sanctions.”

Under the proposal, if Russia attacks Ukraine, the construction and operation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will cease immediately and sanctions will be imposed on companies involved in the project.

In addition, large Russian banks, as well as financial institutions that deal with the banks in question, will be punished after the imposition of sanctions.

At the moment, there is no doubt about the imposition of “preventive” sanctions against the Russians, nor the isolation of Russia from the international banking system SWIFT. However, the inclusion of these measures in the bipartisan package referred to as the “mother of all sanctions” is not excluded.

Cover photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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