It turns out that America gives M777 cartridges to Ukraine

About two weeks ago, the US government announced that 8 rounds of 155 mm caliber would be sent to the Ukrainian army as part of a larger weapons package, and in a few days the number of devices on offer was increased to 90. To date, the type of artillery equipment delivered to Ukraine has not been disclosed. It was mainly speculated that Ukraine would receive M198 or M777 towed canisters, and some results were about the towed M114 and M109 self-propelled.

The first images have now been published online which reveal that the United States will give Ukraine M777 tow trucks. The photos were taken at Mars Air Force Base in California.

M777 is a product of BAE Systems and has been in service with the United States Army since 2005. Its range is from 24 to 40 kilometers, depending on the type of projectile. In addition to the United States, it is used by seven other countries, some of which (such as Canada and Australia) also send some M777 cartridges to Ukraine.

Cover photo: M777 Tarak on a military exercise in Australia. Photo: Stocktrek Images via Getty

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