It turns out how much Apple has clipped it on Fortnite

It turns out how much Apple has clipped it on Fortnite

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The president of Apple also testifies in the lawsuit filed by Epic.

The Apples contra epic perből It turns out that Apple took a minimum of $ 100 million in commission from the popular game Fortnite.

Apple received the money during the two-and-a-half-year Epic game play on the App Store, according to an ongoing antitrust lawsuit.

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Bloomberg reported that Michael Schmid, one of the Apple executives overseeing business development for games on the App Store, disclosed the amount during a hearing on Wednesday. When asked if Apple has earned more than $ 200 million in fees related to Fortnite, Schmid said he would respond.

“It wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Apple passed the Epic Games nominee from the App Store last year after Epic introduced its own system for in-app payments, bypassing Apple’s requirements for some developers to use their own payment system, which charges a commission of up to 30 percent.

An illegal monopoly, according to Epic

Cut off from the profitable public of iPhone and iPad users, Epic has filed a lawsuit against Apple in federal court in Northern California, claiming that Apple’s business policy is building a de facto monopoly.

Commissions from the App Store brought Apple $ 22 billion in 2020 alone, according to Bloomberg. If Epic’s lawsuit is successful, Apple could lose one of its most important revenue streams.

Tim Cook, president of Apple, testified on Friday morning, which was said to be the last witness to Apple in the lawsuit that began on May 3.

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