It turns out how much Alteo will pay

It turns out how much Alteo will pay

The Board of Directors approved, among other things, its balance sheet, the individual report, the business report (annual) for the 2020 business year, the board of directors report, the written report of the auditor, the audit committee, and the supervisory board. .

The Board of Directors decided that the free profit reserve for the company per share, excluding the company’s profits after tax for the previous work year and dividends for the subsidiary companies specified after the year 2020, excluding the company’s shares, Pays a gross profit of 24 HUF.

However, for a period of 18 months from April 19, 2021, the Board of Directors authorizes the Board of Directors to decide on the company’s acquisition of all types, classes and classes of shares issued by the company with at least the support. Three quarters of the vote. Entering into such a transaction and executing it in the name of the company and in its favor, or entrusting a third party to enter into such a deal. The number of shares that can be acquired on the basis of the mandate must not exceed the number of shares whose total nominal value reaches twenty-five percent of the current capital, and the total nominal value of the company’s private shares may not exceed this amount at any time.

Today Alteo’s rate decreased 1.5 percent, up 37.6 percent this year.

Cover photo: Budapest Stock Exchange

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