It turns out!  György Korda and Klári Balázs moved here after selling their villa - Metropol

It turns out! György Korda and Klári Balázs moved here after selling their villa – Metropol

As we previously reported Clary Palazzo And the Georgia Korda The Because of brutal overhead Separate roads with the legendary Villa Korda.

György Korda and Klári Balázs sold their villa after 32 years Photo: Tamás Dombóvári (DT) Bors

The musician couple sold the house after thirty-two years, and now they’ve replaced the 22-room hotel with a much smaller apartment. However, the Korda couple does not say goodbye to Buddha, because II. They will live in the area, but in a much smaller apartment than before.

I can tell you that we stayed in the second quarter and will live in more modest conditions. There was a lot of work to maintain a huge apartment of three hundred square meters. I did all the chores and chores around the house myself, and also took care of the garden, which again is a huge amount of work. Of course, the same tasks await us now as before, only now in a smaller area, under more modest conditions. We have moved into a 150 square meter apartment on top of the world, with a garden big enough for our dogs to have fun.” for story magazine.

“I will really miss Villa! It was a product of the two of us, so together we decided to give up the property. By the way, we did not come up with the idea that we should sell, we were planning to move for a long time. “We have a lot of beautiful memories of the villa, which became very popular because of our name, and almost became a tourist attraction,” the singer said.

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