It turned out to be the person of the new presenter, who replaced László Palik at Exatlon

It turned out to be the person of the new presenter, who replaced László Palik at Exatlon

After three seasons of more than 300 episodes and nearly 4,000 races, the eternal struggle of Champions and Challengers has continued with an extraordinary season: Exatlon Hungary All Star is already here. In the past three years, nearly 100 competitors have competed on the Dominican Republic tracks, but this time teams of former players can go head-to-head against each other in a decisive showdown. At the beginning of the first broadcast, it was revealed that Monoki Lehel was replaced by László Palik.

A new chapter in the history of popular extreme sports reality has opened on TV2: in the fourth season, the famous faces of the previous series form the Champions and Challengers team, so fans can expect more duels and tense situations than ever before. There will be no shortage of surprises other than hard quests, and eternal contradictions and past eras will be given new strength, promising more transformative weeks.

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World Boxing Champion Renata Racucci is among the champions team; Best Male Competitor of Season 1, Hungarian Youth Olympic Champion fencer, Patrick Esztergályos and Olympic silver medalist, Miklós Ungvári. The Reds are the winner of Season 2, Dr. Gabriela Bossa. Beach volleyball champion Durka Szabo and world fitness champion Alexandra Kochis will also return, but BMX world champion Kempf Zuzu will also play. They are joined by the champions who have proven themselves in the third season: footballer Iza Ogvari, volleyball player Kristian Somji, and karate player Andras Viraj.

And those who do their best to make the challengers win: Season 1 winner Kata Huszti; Salander Dorina who left for three years with a shoulder injury. Hanna Szabó-Thomka is a great opportunity; Andras Casa is full of heart; Peter Michinger, who suffers from wrestler determination, and Gergely Roses, who said goodbye prematurely in season one. Bab Dorsey and Novak Zalan could also prove themselves once again on the Challenge Team. They both want to win in the Dominican Republic, as do the best players of the third season, Saint Greta and Balint Hersig-Kies.

László Palik spent three and a half years in the Dominican Republic producing TV2, but the fourth season of All Star is already being directed by someone else. Guess a lot more it might be – it finally turns out tonight.

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