It takes strength to keep the peace

It takes strength to keep the peace

He stressed that creating and maintaining peace requires strength and this requires more combative fighters.

“In light of the minister’s task schedule, there are much more soldiers on standby than before. Many military vehicles in our country are practiced on the ground and in the air, both nationally and internationally. The process of acquiring skills must be accelerated, and one of the specific goals is to have a greater A possible number of trained and deployable soldiers for the Hungarian Armed Forces. We can achieve this by reducing bureaucracy and increasing the number of combat soldiers”, emphasized the commander of the Hungarian Defense Forces.

He added that the total number of middle and senior managers will be less than it is now. For example, Hódmezővásárhely will have a brigade-level organization again; And another five rifle battalions will be created in the future, and instead of the current two territorial defense reserve regiments, there will be a total of seven battalions in our country.

As stated in the program, NATO also recognizes the achievements of the National Defense and Forces Development Program to date.

“Since we are at 2% of GDP, this allows for continuous improvements. I hope that within a decade we will achieve that the Hungarian Armed Forces will be the dominant force in the region.”

full interview over here You can see it!

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