It really looks like Black Night is joining the colorful, colorful Fortnite game

It really looks like Black Night is joining the colorful, colorful Fortnite game

There was news of a rather strange entertainment intersection. The PC Gamer He wrote that a data miner has found a sign that Fortnite Battle Royale is coming soon Battlefields The alien, i.e., alien harasses Eileen Ripley without stopping. Who, let’s face it, his human-faced nature doesn’t fit much for a toy that’s especially popular with kids.

ShiinaBR has managed to unveil a snapshot of the game’s wealth of data that shows a familiar dark lane from the Alien movies. Meanwhile, the xenomorph’s familiar hissing and creaking characteristic of the motion sensor can be heard. According to PC Gamer, another sign is that data miners have also found a “very large” skin file (after all, this bastard is larger than the average person) and that text was sent to in-game videographers who read “space bananas.” What could the latter suggest other than the characteristic alien head shape?

I don’t know how you’re doing with it, but to me The Eighth Passenger: Death is the scariest movie I’ve seen so far, so it sounds strange. In my eyes The idea is that we can see the cruel black object in the colorful Fortnite game. True, in Epic battle royale, we might have faced Predator for a while now, so the idea is not unexpected. Since the new Fortnite hunting season has started, Din Djarin and Terminator have also put them on the battlefield. The epic melting pot of pop culture is Epic!

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