It really got a Switch remake for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

It really got a Switch remake for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

In practice, there have been rumors over the years that Nintendo and The Pokémon are making or will release a recent version of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, which was originally released for DS nearly 15 years ago (many were also disappointed when Switchre did this. But new and it’s finally becoming clear that everything was right. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will be released on the hybrid console later this year, but will be developed by ILCA rather than Game Freak – while director Junichi Masuda will be there to oversee Action.The team promises to recreate the original story and the little things fans love the most, yet there will be no shortage of novelty.

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl was originally launched in Japan in September 2006 for the Nintendo DS (the English premiere had to wait nearly a year) – and instantly won the hearts of fans. Of course, the basics haven’t changed, this time we managed to hide in the skin of a young Pokemon trainer who tried to gain fame by fighting pocket monsters, while a rival team – this time with the “sinister” Galactic got into trouble, but the creators did everything to make the end result unforgettable. . Not only did they change the mechanics of battles, but they also presented an opportunity for online games, and what’s more, with a total expansion of 107 Pokemon never seen before. Then, one of the most successful pieces in the series was piled up with awards and certifications and perhaps needless to say, sales haven’t worsened either, as by September 2017, its pieces had sold nearly 18 million copies.

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Pokémon Brilliand Diamond & Shining Pearl will debut sometime in 2021 – exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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