Alig néhány hónapja indult, de máris komoly leépítések voltak a Netflix társoldalánál kép

It only launched a few months ago, but there have already been serious layoffs at the Netflix partner site

However, in principle, there is no doubt that Todom demolished the blinds.

Last fall, Netflix threw a special party for fans in the form of Tudum.

After the event, named after the streaming platform “The Voice”, a companion page was also launched in its name, with exclusive content awaiting viewers, including news about appearances. In the meantime, there have been very serious issues around the Netflix house, and it appears that this has had an impact on this project as well.

The Limit The changes were reported to Netflix’s marketing department, resulting in a total of 25 job cuts. The vast majority of these were related to Tudum, as the site’s news was changed from 10 people. With this move, it is easy to conclude that the cooperative will soon be pulling the curtains, but one of the company’s fans says that the fan side is important to them, so there is no sign of fear of exposure to litter.

Unfortunately, there are also problems with Tudum, as it was recently revealed that Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers since the beginning of the year, which may have happened, according to the streaming platform, because people share passwords with each other. Moreover, the emergence of opponents and the abandonment of Russia was a major setback. Of course, the real reasons are almost certainly much more precise than that.

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