It looks like Destiny 2 has been holding its hands with duct tape lately

picture: Bungie / Kotaku / Cat-Ka (clash)

This online MMO shooter is free to play Destiny 2It was published in 2017And This is one of my favorite video games. I play all the time. I have multiple personalities. All recent seasons are mine. that is great. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in the game’s future, for example Every season passesIt seems more prone to breakage. In fact, as I write this very paragraph around 4pm on January 24th, the game remains offline while Bungie continues to investigate the latter issue. In the meantime, many gamers hope to get a completely new engine and game, perhaps in the next incarnation Destiny 3. But things are not so simple.

at the beginning of the day Destiny 2 Offline on all platforms While Bungie looked at the progress of losing players in terms of victories and seals, which serve as achievements and challenges in the game. It’s not the end of the world, of course, but the past week has been a bit of a stretch Players have reported losing their characters Along with its evolution and theories. and then, This was a new mission that wasn’t properly updated for players. And before that it was about something else. In 2023, after years of updates, expansions, and more, this is what it looks like Destiny 2 She began to bend under her own weight.

Look inside Bungie’s official Twitter account– which is frequently updated to let players know about upcoming patches, server issues, and other important information Destiny 2– You’ll find plenty of tweets where Bungie says, “Okay, this isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it. More info later.” Online games not working every day isn’t a new problem, nor is it an exclusive problem. Destiny 2. But this is an increasingly common problem with older shooters. Looking at this support account, most tweets about bugs or broken tasks aren’t weeks, but days or less.

Novels, my playtime Destiny 2 It has been more than ever lately. This new season brought awesome new heist missions and weird lag that I’ve never seen before. I’m still running into an issue with the game that every PvP match doesn’t count, making us play more to complete weekly challenges and missions. I have accepted that in-game rewards for kills, quests or other activities do not always update as they should. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I, and other players I know, might have gotten used to it. Destiny 2 Untrustworthy. And it seems to be getting worse, not better, as the game expands and adds more layers and systems.

Search online and you’ll quickly see players suggesting that Bungie needs to move on to theory Destiny 3, a game that is likely to happen – and may already be in development – but not confirmed. During today’s extended downtime, Destiny 3 It was popular on Twitter Where players discussed the shooter’s future and stability. Some, The idea of ​​a new engine The new regulation seemed promising, which gave hope that it would solve many problems Destiny 2′Troubles. Others pointed it out that A completely new game that is not easy to make Or it may be easy to use and likely lack features or content when released. Plus, No guarantee It solves all problems that arise.

Personally, I think that A.J fate It might be a good move in the end. It could allow developers to build something more fluid that can handle the kinds of events they’ve spent years developing and perfecting. But I’m not naive enough to think it would solve everything or be easy to make. However, I feel like players are getting frustrated Destiny 2 Still not consistently consistent.

like an old computer or a synthesizer, Destiny 2 It mostly works, but it’s covered in duct tape, scratches, and grime. And you often have to kick it or fiddle with the rope to get it to work. Sure, it’s still bubbling right now, but it’ll likely need to be replaced at some point. However Destiny 2I have a feeling Bungie is going to slap the cartridge for as long as possible Destiny 2 It will survive until the end of its planned schedule, which will likely see its final season in 2024. After that, well, I don’t know. We hope that by then the game will at least seem more stable and reliable, not worse.

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